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Nestled between British Columbia and Saskatchewan, Alberta stretches north from Montana to the Northwest Territories. The Boreal Forests up north, farm and ranch lands to the south and east, and the Rocky Mountains to the west make this province a diverse and exciting place to visit. You will undoubtedly want to stay at several Alberta Bed and Breakfast inns as you explore Alberta.

Five UNESCO World Heritage sites are in Alberta. Dinosaur Provincial Park, in the heart of Alberta's Badlands, contains some of the most significant dinosaur fossils found to date. Wood Buffalo National Park is the largest National Park in Canada; it protects vast expanses of undisturbed boreal wilderness and boreal plains, and provides a habitat for endangered species such as the Wood Buffalo and the Whooping Crane. It is also home to a number of Aboriginal groups, who live there as they have for centuries.

Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo Jump marks a spot in the Rocky Mountains Foothills where indigenous people drove buffalo off a high cliff for thousands of years. Waterton-Glacier International Park, on the Montana border, is home to breathtaking scenery and remarkable geography.

Finally, the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks are simply astounding. Their beauty is unsurpassed. Icefields and glaciers, alpine meadows, tall mountain peaks and deep canyons create the extraordinary landscape of these parks.

In addition to its natural beauty, Alberta has an interesting history. The first Europeans to settle in Alberta came from the Hudson's Bay Company, in the second half of the 17th century. French trappers and traders followed in their footsteps, settling in Northwest Alberta in the 1730s. Many of the small towns sprinkled throughout Alberta remain strongly tied to their heritage, and preserve it in numerous museums and historical buildings.

The province's largest cities are Edmonton, in central Alberta, and Calgary, in the south. Both are vibrant, multicultural cities that boast everything from world-famous rodeo to Caribbean festivals to international film festivals. If you don't live in these cities, you'll definitely want to visit them.

With so much diversity and such a large geographical setting, it can be hard to decide where to start your visit to Alberta. Click on the links below to learn a bit more about Alberta's six regions.