Tips on Starting a B&B
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How to begin:

  • Stay at a Bed & Breakfast. You can ask the operator all kinds of questions over breakfast. Most operators will be happy to help you. Don't just visit, stay overnight. That way the operators are compensated for the time they will spend with you.

  • Talk to your municipality. Rules vary from place to place. Some municipalities are very open and easy to work with, while others will have very strict regulations that you need to know about well in advance.

  • Talk to your local fire department and health authority to see if there are any conditions you need to meet.

  • Take a look at the ABBA inspection criteria. Ensure that your existing house or new project complies. The criteria will help you operate a safe and inviting B&B.

  • Talk to an ABBA representative. See our Contacts page.

  • Check to see if any existing B&Bs are for sale. Taking over an existing business can be a lot easier, since you generally get a well established business with a regular clientele.

  • Become an ABBA member. We look forward to welcoming you!

The Alberta Economic Development has an online Guidelines for Development and Operation of a Bed and Breakfast Home in Alberta that you may want to review. Please note that some of the contact information at the end of the document is out of date.