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The landscape of Alberta South is varied and distinct. Most notable, perhaps, are the Canadian Badlands, with their stunning topography and eerie Hoodoos. Beautiful stretches of prairie grasslands are also found here.

There is much to do and see in Alberta South. History blends into the land everywhere you look. For example, the Canadian Badlands are a wonder to behold because of their stark beauty, and they are also rich in dinosaur bones.

The Royal Tyrrell Museum, in Drumheller, is an exceptional museum of paleontology in the heart of the Canadian Badlands. It's nine "ever-evolving" galleries will bring you back in time. You can walk through the Palaeozoic period, and end up facing the impressive Albertosaurus dinosaurs that lived here during the Cretaceous period. Watch fossils be cleaned and readied for display, and gaze upon a rare and incredible blackened T. rex skull.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, in the Grassland Natural Region, is home to some of the most extensive and impressive dinosaur fossil fields in the world. A number of trails traverse the park, and signs explain geographic formations and areas of historical significance. Be sure to stop by the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology Field Station, located in the park.

West of the Canadian Badlands, Chinook Country borders British Columbia and Montana. It includes Rocky Mountains foothills and rolling native grasslands.

Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park is located in Chinook Country. One of the largest areas of protected grasslands in Alberta, it is also home to one of the greatest concentration of rock art on the continent.

There are many interesting towns and hamlets in Alberta South. The small hamlet of Carway sits on the border of Montana, at the entrance to Glacier National Park. Visit Cardston, near Waterton National Park, to see the Card Pioneer Home, an authentic homestead on the prairie. Hill Spring is home to the Great Canadian Barn Dance.

The more you explore Alberta South, the more you will find worth exploring.

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